Spring/ Summer 10 Hawaii

Grab your piña colada and beach ball! Tyra's new swimsuits have washed up on our shores!

Do your hips move to the sweet sounds of Hawaiian hula, do you sway to bossa nova from 60's Rio or is it Doris Day that plays in the background when you bury your toes in the sand on a sunny day?

Sisters, forget those skimpy bikinis - it's time to get back to adorable retro swimwear that flatters your derriere in perky stripes and polka dots!

In these swimsuits you'll stay stylish in challenging beach conditions. We recommend combining the suits with a strawberry margarita, a turban, towering heels or bare feet au naturel - the choice is yours. One thing is certain: The gentlemen on the beach should be happy to oblige and rub suntan lotion on your shoulders. The swimsuits are designed to withstand a dip in the ocean - and even slightly more ambitious synchronized swimming.

Photography: Alejandro Lorenzo, www.alorenzo.net

Models: Lola Manchego, Jacie O'lantern