Now you will have the chance to purchase yourself a gorgeous Harness! 

The Harness is a very stylish accessory and goes with many different styles. You can wear it both ways which gives you more possibilities to wear it. The Harness can be worn with a T-shirt, shirt or to accessorise an evening gown. It is an easy way to change your style and look cool.The Harness is made of 18mm wide decorative elastic band. It is adjustable to fit anyone from size S to XL. The sliders that make if adjustable are nylon coated metal. The rings are plastic and 38mm in diameter.

Harness 1, click here to purchase.

Harness 2, click here to purchase.

Harness 3, click here to purchase.

Here you can see Harness 3 with a Vainio.Seitsonen dress. Does it not just make the dress so much cooler to ad a harness to it!? You can also come to Liike and try one on!