-Who says you need two?

An on-going social art project that challenges our cultures narrow idea of womens ideal appearance by designing swimwear collection for women who have gone through breast cancer. Will be exhibited in 2014.

Monokini 2.0 team: Artistic directors Tärähtäneet ämmät / Nutty Tarts (Katriina Haikala ja Vilma Metteri), producer Laura Porola, photographer Pinja Valja, graphic designer Johanna Hörkkö.

"It had to do with more than what to wear on the beach. It was about a changing culture throughout all society, about freedom and emancipation.”
Quote by Rudi Gernreich, the designer of the original Monokini

Swimwear: Tyra Therman
Photography: Pinja Valja
Make-up: Heidi Kjälmann