Ooppera Skaala

I am currently working on some amazing costumes for a new opera production by Ooppera Skaala. It's a contemporary opera production La Furia delle Costellazioni mixing Baroque opera and electronic music. Premiere at Turbiinisali hall, Cable Factory Helsinki April 24th 2014
Thu 24th of April at 19 world premiere
Fri 25th of April at 19
Mon 28th of April at 19
Fri 2nd of May at 19
Sat 3rd of May at 19
Kaisa Ranta (soprano)
Essi Luttinen (mezzo-soprano)
Mikko Nuopponen (tenori)
Libretto: Janne Lehmusvuo, Essi Luttinen
Composers: Antonio Vivaldi, Visa Oscar
Director and stage designer: Janne Lehmusvuo
Costumes: Tyra Therman
Lighting design: Harri Peltonen
Duration: appr. 1 h 30 min, including intermission
For tickets you can go to Oopera Skaalas website here.
Language: Italian